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CV Matt Berndt :: Director

Matt Berndt is an internationally working director for commercials. Being one of today’s top automotive shooters his work expands to a broad variety, be it lifestyle, storytelling or real people work. Over the years Matthias has developed his own destinctive style - working with stunning visuals and emotional storytelling, often combined with visual effects and CGI.

For storytelling Matthias is great with actors and knows how to get the best out of them.

After a dozen years into his international carreer he has preserved his down-to-earthness and his adventurous spirit. With every project he caters his own curiosity and loves to explore some new ways. By doing all that he has shot on many continents several times over and knows how to connect and work efficiently with an international team. Be it in the African desert, downtown LA or in the hustlebustle of Bombai.

Besides all that shooting is fun with Matt. While his german roots make him a focussed and fast shooter on set. Matt is married and lives in Germany. He loves rockclimbing and many other sports that include high walls, breaking waves or deep snow.

His numerous awards include Silver in Cannes, Gold on the New York Festivals (2008 & 2003), the International Film and TV Festival Los Angeles (GOLD in 2007 & 2003) and a Silver Animago Award  for his CGI work.


Selected clients:
BMW. Porsche. Mercedes-Benz. VW. Nissan. Infiniti. Toyota. Skoda. Hyundai. Lamborghini. Audi. Lexus. Jeep. Dodge. Chrysler.
Panasonic. Microsoft. Armani. Hewlett-Packard. Karstadt Departement Stores. Gazi Food. Deutsche Telekom.  

Matthias speaks fluently english, partly french and spanish