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NEW and HOT:

Racetrack shoot for Jaguar
Matt framing up a shot
LA shoot for Jeep
getting ready in Dubai
flying high in the Namibian desert
me in Iceland for Porsche
Shooting in LA
Shooting for Toyota in Slovenia

March 2017

:::finishing a Miami shoot for Acura for another US spot. Glad to have Big Sean with  "moves" as soundtrack for our spot. Coming up soon...


:::shooting for Jeep USA in snowy California after 2 snow storms.watch it here!


:::studio shoot for Kia: celebrating the world premiere of the Spyder GT on the Geneva Motorshow

December 2016:

:::shooting on an Indian Saltflat for Suzuki Baleno RS



September 2016:

:::shooting with worlds most famous Kricket player AB de Villiers in Capetown for a premium tire commercial. Soon you will see how beautiful South Africa can be in its wintertime. 


:::a fresh family film for Opel Zafira. We did have a lot of fun filming with 4 kids in Hamburg in summer 2016. Watch it here!


May 2016:

:::TVC for Huyndai Santa Fe is voted as "creation of the month" by HORIZONT, the leading German advertising plattform. This is a car commercial with a comedy touch, shot in Madrid. watch it here! Read more here at Horizont. 


::: new rep agency for Europe: since April 2016 Matthias is repped by N-O Agency, Nathalie Winkler. check out her contact and website here.


::: 3 Jaguar films shot on a racetrack in Portugal. For Europe and Global market. Coming up soon!!


::: TVC Shoot in Dubai for Toyota Fortuner. After being in the 54th floor the driver goes crazy at the doorstep of this Megacity. On air since march 2016. Watch it here

::: another campaign for GGS. Starting in Capetown in November. 


Nov 2015: 



::: 3 spots for a European Hyundai campaign are nearly finished. lifestyle, family, beautiful girls and fun cars, shot in Madrid. Coming up soon. 


::: Porsche viral "Dont text and drive": 500.000 klicks within 24 hours...featuring Mark Webber getting off the racetrack. Out NOW! Watch here!


Feb 2015

::: shoot for the new Hyundai Tuscon in Barcelone. This is the first film that is repositioning the brand in the next months. Premiered on the Motor show Geneva, to be online soon!


::: kickstart into 2015: shooting is finished for 3 US-spots. Jeep. Chrysler. Dodge. shot around LA in an all-american manner. On air in January and February throughout the US...even at the Grammies...watch them here!


::: Effi GOLD for Nissan Patrol. At the Effies Mena my spot wins Gold in the automotive category. Thanks Nissan and TBWA!


::: Matthias is now represented in the US market: he signs with Contrast Eye in L.A.


::: Busy summertime: Matthias shoots for Infiniti in the US. Shoot for British Petrol in India. Shoot for UAZ in Sotchi. Coming out soon!


::: June 2014: Shoot in Miami with real dolphins. new work for Gucci.


::: May 2014: Shoot in L.A. for BMW i8. now online!


::: March 2014:Panasonic Lumix, shot in South Africa. Ssang Yong shot in Moscow.


::: September 2013: „My Toyota“ TV commercial wins twice: winner at the Automotive Brand Contest 2013 (category Campaign), Gold at the WorldMediaFestival 2013


::: September 2013: it´s raining awards on the IAA motorshow:
1 x GOLD Ottocar for Mercedes 360° Driving Experience as ipad solution.
2 x SILVER for my last two Porsche films in 2013.

::: July 2013: extensive car shoot in Vancouver/Canada for the all new Porsche model Macan. Or how to stage a very secret car in the middle of downtown. 


::: June 2013: Shooting in India for TVS race bikes. Filmed at 44 degrees on the new Formula 1 Track in New Delhi. On air soon on the asian market. 


::: December 2012: stunning shoot in the namibian desert for the probably most expensive offroader. to be online soon...


::: freshly online: the "My Toyota"-Spots realized for the pan-european market. Watch it here!


::: 3 awards at the Automotive Brand Contest 2012 for Matthias: BMWi wins for "Concepts", A-Class and Mercedes Interactive Driving Experience are awarded in category "Digital". Thanks!


::: August 2012: Matthias is now represented in the US-market: he is one of the directors under the roof of Kontagious in L.A. 


::: July 2012: Shooting in L.A. for Volkswagen.


::: freshly online: the A-Class in CGI. Shot in Cape Town. watch it here!


::: May 2012: Prix Victoria Gold in Vienna, Finalist in N.Y.C., Silver in Cannes for the new Actros Truck Film. Watch it here


:::  April 2012: shooting in Slovenia and Croatia for the new pan-european campaign for Toyota. It will be on air in Italy and other countries in summer...stay tuned!


:::  January 2012: Shoot for Mercedes-Benz in Cape Town.


:::  December 2011: shooting in India for the new Skoda Rapid.

:::  now online: Porsche Panamera GTS and Porsche 911 Cabrio. Watch it here!

:::  October 2011: Dolphin in Cannes: "The new Actros" wins SILVER in the category "marketing communication" at the Cannes Corporate media and TV festival. Watch it here


:::  October 2011: my BMW-i-Film is now finally online. Shot in Vancouver, Canada. Again this project involves a lot of CGI cars in real settings. Watch it here.


:::  September 2011: starting a car shoot for the Porsche 911 Cabrio on the Canaries. As counterpart: filming the fast Panamera GTS on a racetrack in Germany. 

:::  September 2011: award time for the Mercedes 360°-Fahrerlebnis: Ottocar in GOLD. Nomination for the ANIMAGO award 2011. GOLD Award on the world media festival. ITVA Silver Award. This is a CGI project of a new kind wich exists in 720 variations.  To be seen online here .

:::  August 2011: shooting the new Porsche 911 in a studio lot with chief designer Michael Mauer. I even got my personal sketch of the new make:-) 


:::  July 2011: now officially online: my truck film for the new ACTROS. Shot in south of Spain with Leithaus. CGI effects by Pixomondo and others. Watch it here


:::  June 2011: shooting for the new Porsche 911 in Iceland.The first trailer was to be seen on the IAA in Frankfurt.

::: April 2011: shooting for Porsche Panamera.


::: March 2011: after shooting in Barcelone and extensive postpro the new Mercedes-Benz 360° interactive driving experience is online. This film exists in 720 (!) permutations with full CGI-Cars driving through real cities and landscapes (shot in Barcelone). Matthias was responsible for the web-concept, the shooting and the CGI-post of this online project.

watch the webfilm online here .


::: February 2011: shooting for 5 days in South Spain for a top secret car. This film will involve a lot of VFX-effects realized by Pixomondo and another inhouse post team.


::: July 2010: Matthias is concepting a film in Stereo-3D for Mercedes-Benz. Shot by Darius Khondji in Paris.


::: July 2010: Matthias is starting a collaboration with LA.B Films in Los Angeles. LA.B Films will represent Matthias on the US market.


::: Since February 2009 Matthias is represented by Julia Fröhlich Film Management. Julia and her team are managing my schedule and bookings to react faster and better according to your demands.